ATC Communications

Over the course of your flying career you probably won’t sit in the cockpit with many other pilots – not unless you are a commercial pilot or instructor.  Few people will directly judge your flying ability.  But every other pilot and air traffic controller on the radio will judge you by your radio skills.  Good communications skills will help you get you what you need.  When you make a request, you are much more likely to have it granted if you sound professional -- like you know what you are asking for and you can execute the maneuver.

The AIM describes U.S. standard radio procedure.  International procedure is covered by ICAO Doc 9432, Manual of Radiotelephony.  Here are the lines you need to be able to deliver flawlessly.  Perfect radio procedure is a requisite to solo at Best in Flight.  Missed radio calls are almost as bad as bumpy landings.  You can practice this at home, in the shower, or in the car.  It doesn’t require an airplane or any money.

Good radio procedure is essential to your piloting skills.  Flawless -- or almost flawless -- radio is a prerequisite for safety. 

Best in Flight offers a CD-based training program you can listen to in your car on on your iPod in the gym. For more information, click here.

Here is a three minute training film that demonstrates why we need good communications skills. Click here to see "Was that for us?"