Zlin 242L with G430W model year 2004 (N242ZL)

BIF is listing a 2004 Zlin 242L, an aerobatic aircraft.  This aircraft is lots of fun to fly.  It’s as easy to land as a Cessna 172.  It is equipped with two Garmin 430W and GTX-330 transponder (Traffic Information System).  You can train and fly in IFR, but we do not recommend any plane without autopilot for serious IFR flying.  It has tremendous range with a single pilot, but it’s not a travelling machine.

The owner is offering the aircraft for sale outright.  If you buy the aircraft outright, it can be insured as a privately owned aircraft.  BIF would be happy to instruct you in that aircraft (primary, IFR, and aerobatics).

BIF would be interested to partner with you on this aircraft as a commercial venture.  We would insure the aircraft for instruction, but not rental (owners can fly solo, but others are eligible only for dual instruction).  We do not project wild profitability, but there will be significant tax benefits and some cash flow.

For more information on tax benefits, click here.