One Month to Private Monday - Friday

Week One: Introduction to Flying -- Two flights per day

Week Two: Perfecting skills to solo -- Two flights per day.

The second week is devoted to perfecting flight in the pattern. Flying solo is the goal of the week.

Week Three: Cross Country -- One flight per day

We devote the third week to cross country flying. If the weather will not cooperate, we rearrange the schedule. Cross country flights take longer to plan and fly, so we typically make one flight per day. This week includes night training and night cross country.

Week Four: Preparing for the checkride -- One or two flights per day

The fourth week is devoted to polishing the skills and knowledge required for the check ride. We will schedule the examiner for Thursday and Friday of the fourth week. This program includes forty hours of ground school, forty hours of flying, and twenty hours of personal ground instruction. We provide the books, charts, and lunch. The fee includes an FAA written test, an FAA aeromedical examination, and an FAA practical test. Additional flying hours
are $139. There is no charge for additional dual (flight) instruction. In our experience, for young people, getting the bookwork done is a bigger challenge than the flying.