Instrument Proficiency Adventure

Are you as good today as the day you took your instrument check ride?  Best in Flight offers a three day compressed flying adventure to get your mojo back.  We’re going to fly a thousand or fifteen hundred miles in three days.  We can go to Maine or Arkansas.  We’re going to fly in the IFR system, filing every time, flying under the hood in VFR conditions, or in actual IMC.  If you really need the time, we’ll schedule two hours a day for you to take care of your business.  It’s all aviation for three days.  Cell phones off.  All we do is aviate or learn about aviation when we are on the ground.  If you want to camp, fine – or we’ll stay in a bed and breakfast.  No Ramada Inns on this trip.

When you return, you’ll have a current Biennial Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check. Depending on your needs, you’ll have a Complex Endorsement or High Performance Endorsement. And you will have the confidence of knowing you are a better pilot than the day you got your Instrument ticket.