Accelerated Flight Training -
Learn to fly in fourteen days

You can learn to fly in two weeks. In the same time it takes to get a tan in St. Barth’s, you can earn a Private Pilot certificate. With your new license you will be able to use an airplane for business, to visit the islands, see the grandchildren, or see Alaska the way it should really be seen, from the air.

You want to be proficient and safe. You are a quick learner and thrive on challenge. You don’t want to hang around a flight school based in a trailer, nor drive dozens of times to the airport. The bookwork required for a license isn’t hard. If you passed your Series 7, earned your CPA or RN, the Private Pilot test will be simple.

Industry experts agree that traditional maneuver-based training methods emphasizing motor skills are no longer enough to make a good pilot. Today’s airplanes with autopilots and glass panels allow pilots to fly far from home, in differing weather conditions, over different terrain, requiring a different kind of training from that available at the local airport. You need is scenario-based training that emphasizes decision-making. Question: what’s the best scenario to train in? Answer: the real thing (unless it’s an emergency). If you bought an airplane to fly long distances, what sense is it to do all your training within fifty miles of home?

If you want to learn a language, the best way is immersion training. Go where you use the language every day. That’s what Best in Flight does – immerse you in aviation till you’ve achieved your goals. Immersion training means you don’t have to review last week’s lesson. What we learned yesterday we put into practice today. By tomorrow, it will be habit.

You will be assigned an aircraft for your exclusive use. You will be matched with an instructor whose teaching style matches your learning style. We take care of all the logistics details.

Best in Flight developed its adventure programs to deliver the best quality instruction in the context of the trip of a lifetime. You finish as the best pilot you can be, safely, in a short timeframe – and with stories that will be the envy of all of your friends.

We customize our training programs to meet your specific needs. Email us at